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Yeah, “moving furniture” is cool but have you ever seen CEO next to your name on a business card? That’s what most Millennials are feeling nowadays. A new study has found our generation is more worried about focusing our entrepreneurial spirit than their sex life.

According to Business Leader UK, If a Millennial describes themself as “self-employed” that’s another way of saying they’re in a dry spell. They found 27% of self-employed millennials have put their sex life on the backburner and 63% of them say that choice has helped them gain greater control over their schedule. And you shouldn’t feel bad for them because over half of them said launching their own business was better than sex.

But the business to bedroom comparisons doesn’t stop there. Business Leader says over half of the self-employed Millennials said their first sale or client, realizing their business is going to be sustainable, and turning a profit were all things they said felt better than any amount of sexytime. No wonder Uber drivers are so chatty…

Source: Business Leader