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NORTH HAMPTON, NEW HAMPSHIRE- OCTOBER 15: Students talk in the school cafeteria during lunch October 15, 2002 at North Hampton School in North Hampton, New Hampshire. North Hampton School has students from K through 8 and offer a balanced lunch menu everyday, some days even Dominoes Pizza is even served. (Photo by Debbi Morello/Getty Images)

Kids will have less variety in their lunches thanks to supply chain and worker shortages.

When students return to the classroom, they’ll be seeing menus that don’t include juice boxes, corn dogs, beef patties or chicken nuggets. Which to me, were some of the best lunches! What else are they going to serve the kids?

The schools are also having a hard time hiring cooks, so we’ll have to wait and see what children will be eating during the school day.

Luckily, nutrition rules that were relaxed last year due to COVID, are going to stay in place for the whole upcoming school year.

Source: Wall Street Journal