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Being a working mom isn’t easy and sometimes a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do!  Finding childcare isn’t easy. But 38-year-old Maggie Mundwiller went next level by taking her toddler to an interview. Before you trip, get this:

Mundwiller was laid off from her job just six weeks after her son, Mylo, was born.

Due to the pandemic, she struggled to find a new job, especially while also taking care of a newborn. She couldn’t afford the childcare due to being unemployed… and she couldn’t just go back to work due to the baby. There really was no winning for her.

Mundwiller has been applying for jobs and recently interviewed for a position, even getting a last-minute call to go in for a second interview.

With no one to watch Mylo, she told the company she’d have to reschedule…and why. “I was just honest and let them know that I wasn’t able to have childcare, so I may need to schedule it for another time,” she explains. “Their response was, “We’re child friendly.” So mommy – and Mylo – turned up and she’s posted TikToks to prove it.

And yes, they offered her a gig…and YES, she took it! And now she’s sharing her journey online. “I knew people would relate to it,” Munwiller notes. “I just didn’t quite know how many. Now I think we’re probably (at) almost to eight-million views, which is insane and awesome.”