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No one says motherhood is easy, but a new mother took to the parenting forum “Mumsnet” to share some thoughts…that might surprise you (or maybe not!).

An anonymous new mom to a seven-month-old-son shared that she was once was a “vibrant and fund person, but is now a shell of her former self” even warning other women that having a baby could “ruin your life.” She went on to explain how she wished she could turn time back and that she being a mom has “destroyed” both her mental and physical health.

“I love my son more than anything in the world, but I regret having a baby so much,” she writes. “If I could hit a button and go back to a time before my son existed, without remembering him or knowing he existed, I would do it without hesitation. I regret having a baby so much and I wish with all my heart and soul I hadn’t done it.”

The response? Some mothers did feel for the woman and encouraged her that they once felt a similar way, but it passed and they went on to love their lives as a parent.

One mother wrote, “Oh I felt like that when mine were that age. I think the first 3-4 years can be brutal depending on the nature of the child. It WILL get easier and more enjoyable, especially if you stick with just the one. Hang in there OP it’s not forever.”