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We all know what ‘Bridezillas’ are, but one bride appears to have taken the concept to the next level! How? She sent her bridesmaids a very detailed list of demands they needed to meet! One of the bridesmaids took to “Reddit” to share the crazy list of rules.

The bridesmaid, who referred to the bride just as “L” wrote, “I’ve known my best friend (J) and her older sister (L) since we were kids. I wouldn’t say I’m particularly close to L, there’s a seven-year age gap and she was always b****y and mean to us- when J and I went to prom she critiqued everything about us from dresses to dates to hair to not having our teeth whitened. When L asked me to be a bridesmaid (J as her only sister is MOH) I was VERY surprised. I’ve never been part of a wedding party and didn’t really know what was expected of me. Cut to two days ago, J texts me ‘expect a list of things L wants from you/other bridesmaids, I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m sure it’s psycho.’”

What did the list include?

  • Bridesmaids are expected to cover all tattoos.
  • All bridesmaids must keep their nails short, and must paint them the same color, “Essie’s” Ballet Slippers.
  • No tanning allowed.
  • If a bridesmaid does wear glasses, they are expected to use contacts day of or “just do without for the day.”
  • If a bridesmaid has long hair, it must be cut shorter than that of the bride’s.
  • The bride also demanded that no bridesmaid were to get engaged or pregnant before her wedding because it will “steal all the attention” away from her.
  • Bridesmaids were also asked to lose weight citing “for some of you that means 20-30lbs” and also writing that “this isn’t mean, it’s true.”

The final rule acknowledged some level of self-awareness, but it’s still pretty awful. “If you have issues with anything on my list you can suck it up or you can drop out now,” the bride notes. “I can replace you no problem, so don’t worry, I won’t be too mad. Just don’t expect an invitation to my wedding! If you can’t be there for me with all of this, you shouldn’t be there on my special day!” Alrighty then.