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During lockdown, many of us were forced to trade our gym visits for online fitness classes and living room workouts, so when the gyms opened back up, people flocked to them once again. But as much as they provide a place to get fit and strong, as well as sweat out some stress and anxiety, hitting the gym isn’t always a pleasant experience for women. And a new survey reveals just how often women experience harassment at the gym.

A new survey from Run Repeat looks into how prevalent harassment is in gyms and how it affects members. It asked more than 37-hundred gym members, both men and women, about their experiences and the results of the poll reveal just how often women are getting harassed while exercising. The survey results show:

  • Three out of five women are harassed while working out, but nearly all of the cases (92.31%) go unreported.
  • Of the women experiencing harassment, 25.65% stopped using gyms altogether or switched gyms.
  • More than a quarter of women (28.69%) say they felt unsafe or uncomfortable at their gym.
  • Nearly a third (30.13%) of women surveyed changed their gym routine or schedule or avoided certain areas of the gym.
  • And around 20% changed their clothes or appearance when going to the gym.
  • Men deal with harassment at the gym as well, but only 21% of the men surveyed have experienced it.
  • As for the specific types of harassment, one out of four had unwanted attention, one out of five have received unwanted comments and one out of 10 have dealt with unwanted physical contact.