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Dating apps can help people find their love connections, but they can also lead to disappointment and frustration…or worse. And that’s where one woman – who happens to be a journalist – found herself with one of her Bumble matches. Natalia Antonova recently posted screenshots to Twitter of a conversation she had with a guy from the dating app, captioning it “Happy anniversary to this great moment in incel history.”

For those who don’t know, ‘Incel’ is short for “involuntary celibate” and when you hear what he said, you’ll get it.

  • Their exchange begins with the man tracking Antonova down by messaging her on Instagram, explaining that he had swiped right to match with her on Bumble.
  • “You never swiped back though so I wondered if you’d respond if I found you on Instagram,” he writes. “I’m not offended, just think that it’s a little shallow of you.”
  • She tells him she doesn’t remember coming across him on Bumble and he responds with “Is this your way of implying that you get so many matches on Bumble that you don’t remember me? Scandalous!”
  • Antonova replies that it wasn’t scandalous, and he responds, “Way to make a guy feel good about himself.”

And this is when she lets him have it, writing, “It’s not my job to flatter you. Especially after you called me shallow. Piece of advice: Acting insecure and rudely demanding validation is not how you get girls.” And this dude’s response? “You’re just an aging single mom anyway, whatever.”

But she kept her cool, coming back with, “Sure am! That’s why you got upset with me on Bumble, tracked me down on Instagram, came up with a clever response to me, got into my DMs, blew it by being a douchebag and are now mad about it. Cool life.” In the surprising conclusion, he writes, “OK I apologize for that comment. Can I buy you dinner?” And she gives him the old, “Hahahahahaha…No!”