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Another gender reveal party is making the news and this time? It’s because the father-to-be was acting like a big baby. A video of the event is going viral because of his reaction to the big moment where the parents find out whether they’re having a boy or a girl.

In the clip, a pregnant woman pops a balloon covered in question marks, and inside are smaller pink balloons, revealing it’s a girl. As the crowd breaks out in cheers and applause over the news, the dad-to-be has a decidedly different reaction. He appears to yell, “Son of a b**ch,” as he throws down the balloon’s strings in frustration and turns away from the guests who are all smiling.

The video has racked up more than 630-thousand views on TikTok so far and while it seems to show the father’s disappointment, at least it’s not the disaster some recent gender reveals have been. Just last month, a gender reveal in New Hampshire shook things up so much it prompted earthquake concerns, and homes in nearby towns and even across state lines felt the blast. It turns out, the party people had detonated 80-pounds of Tannerite to announce the baby was a boy.


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