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A mom of three in the U.K. thought she’d seen it all, until she spotted something scary on her baby that sent her into full panic mode. Becky Stiles was changing her 10-month-old son Harvey’s diaper when she saw something in his mouth. The 24-year-old was horrified by a large dark red “hole” in the roof of her baby’s mouth.

She tried to touch it, but Harvey screamed at her, so she called his dad over to get a second opinion. The young mom was so frightened, she says she was “shaking, sweating and holding back tears” as they shined a flashlight on the “hole” to get a better look. Still unsure what they were looking at, the parents dropped their two older kids off with the grandparents and rushed to the emergency room.

Stiles says staff was ready to send Harvey to a specialist at first, then a nurse stepped in to check him out. She looked into his mouth with her pen flashlight and after about 30 seconds of looking, she solved the mystery. “That’s a sticker,” she told the anxious mother. Stiles wasn’t convinced the nurse was right until she “put her finger in his mouth and hooked it out.” The parents were embarrassed, but relieved, and after making the “walk of shame back to the car,” they called family members to update them that “Harvey didn’t in fact have a hole in his mouth,” the tot had just “taken a liking to stickers.”