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The pandemic has no doubt impacted businesses all over the Carolinas and the original La Belle Helene was one of the restaurants in our area that closed due to Corona. Luckily, The 5th Street Restaurant Group came in to revive this french gem!

This weekend, La Belle Helene reopens and Producer Nicole and I got to attend their Private VIP Preview dinner last night. We dined on their famous french onion soup, deviled eggs with caviar, escargot,¬†ratatouille, and their new more traditional recipe for steak tartare. The original restaurant’s recipe was a sweeter twist on the dish but I prefer the traditional recipe La Belle Helene 2.0 is going with!

Some other show-stopping dishes to try off of their menu are their rotisserie¬†chicken and mussels. If you have never been you are in for a tantalizing food experience with a visual show. The entire restaurant was designed to be photographed. Their black and white canvas is crisp and sexy! Everywhere you point your phone’s camera will be a visually appealing snapshot!

Here is a look at the restaurant and its decadent food!