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You can't go wrong with a classic. The combination of tequila, triple sec, lime juice, and sugar makes this cocktail come together in a few minutes. Get the full recipe here

Having someone buy you a drink is always nice, but getting free cocktails for a weekend? That’s next level and one bride-to-be made it happen.Alyssa Harris sells DIY wedding supplies on Etsy, so when she was planning her own bachelorette party, she knew how to get creative.

She posted a video of her friend Ashleigh Head writing a message on her van’s back window. “Last fling before the ring,” it reads. “Buy the bride a drink.” It was decorated with a drawing of a martini glass and a diamond ring and also included Harris’ Venmo handle. The video got more than 7-million views and it seems people were feeling generous.

Harris thanks followers in a follow-up video and reveals just how much people sent her. “Sharing our Venmo total after our weekend celebrating thanks to all of you,” she says in the clip. “We thought we would make a few hundred dollars max, but you guys blew us away. In total, you sent $3,393.89.” And that’s a lot of free money from kind strangers on the Internet!

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