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KNUTSFORD, UNITED KINGDOM - (FILE) In this file photograph dated March 6, 2007, a young boy is weighed after being born in an NHS maternity unit, in Manchester, England. Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt announnced, April 3, 2007 that for the first time, mothers-to-be will have a guarantee that the NHS will provide them with a full range of birthing choices - including home births - and a midwife they know and trust to care for them. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

You never forget the day you become a mom, but for one woman, it will always also be the day her husband got his head stuck in a lampshade. A new dad has taken to Reddit’s “Today I F***ed Up” section to share his daughter’s birth story and he starts by sharing that they’re a goofy, fun loving couple” who do a lot of silly things to make each other laugh. So as they were walking out the door to go to the hospital for his wife’s planned C-section, he grabbed a glass fishbowl-style lampshade and stuck it on his head.

He immediately regretted this choice because it was stuck and they tried for a bit to get it off, but he admits his wife was “over it pretty quick” because, you know, she was ready to go have that baby. So the dad-to-be drove to the hospital like that and says he had to do the “walk of shame” with the “giant bubble on his head” in the maternity ward. Fortunately, his wife had a good sense of humor about it, joking with nurses, “Yep! I’m having his baby.”

While his wife went into one room, he was taken into another where a “massive, buff, tattooed male nurse used some sort of lube/gel” to remove the lampshade. Four hours later, the couple welcomed their baby girl and dad says he “got hazed” by the nurses. He writes, “Wouldn’t recommend, but it definitely beats any other birth story I’ve heard AND it broke the ice with most of the staff.”

Source: Reddit