Imagine returning to your car after buying groceries and finding an unwanted guest inside. Now imagine the same scenario with 15,000 unwanted guests.

According to KCBD-TV, a New Mexico man left Alberston’s supermarket with some items that definitely weren’t on his weekend shopping list. The Las Cruces Police Department says a huge swarm of bees got into the man’s car through an open window while he was in the store. The sneaky bees laid low in the back seat until the man pulled out of the parking lot. Once he noticed the swarm, he was able to jump out of the car unscathed.

Fortunately, an off-duty firefighter, who also happens to be an experienced beekeeper, was also in the parking lot that day. He safely moved the 15,000 bees to his property outside of town. It took emergency personnel about two hours to clear the scene. Miraculously, the only injury reported was a bee sting to a security guard.

Bee Swarm that Invaded Parked Car is Safely Relocated by Off-duty FirefighterAn off-duty Las Cruces firefighter used...

Posted by Las Cruces Police Department on Monday, March 29, 2021

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