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LauRen's Podcast
This podcast was born over a coffee date. Two unlikely friends of different ages (35 and 53) figure out that being pregnant and going through menopause have similar symptoms. LauRen and Barb are sharing their personal stories and struggles while laughing their way through these life changes. Barb is baring it all and giving us a peek into dating in your 50’s.
In this episode, LauRen and Barb talk to Charlotte-based Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Capizzi. We learn more about Barb’s RF Skin Tightening Treatment, Breast Augmentation, and Injectables. Dr. Capizzi gives us some insight into making the best decision for you when it comes to size and surgery. We also learn the difference between filler and botox and discourage people from trying the VERY DANGEROUS TikTok craze of at-home injectables. 
If you have ever considered plastic surgery of any kind, you will want to hear what Dr. Capizzi has to say!