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SYDNEY, NSW - JUNE 07: A pregnant woman holds her stomach June 7, 2006 in Sydney, Australia. Australia is currently enjoying a baby boom, with the Australian Bureau of Statistics registering a 2.4% increase in births from 2004 to 2005, which represents the highest number of births since 1992. The Australian Federal Government has been encouraging people to have more babies, with financial incentives and the slogan by treasurer Peter Costello to "have one for mum, one for dad, and one for the country". The Federal Government has identified falling fertility rates and the ageing population as long-term problems for Australia's growth and prosperity. (Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

A man who was frustrated with the way things had been going with his girlfriend of four years took to Reddit to clear his conscience and got the surprise of a lifetime from his post. The 26-year-old OP writes that he’s been living with his 28-year-old boo for two years and things have been great…until recently. Seems she’s always in a really bad mood and has even snapped at him a few times. The source of most of the tension? His cooking.

The guy explains that he does most of the cooking and she’s always liked what he makes, but recently, she’s started complaining…about everything. While all used to be great, now she says everything smells bad and tastes off. Welp, he finally snapped and threw an omelet in the trash, telling her he’s not going to cook for her anymore, which of course, led to a fight.

Taking to Reddit, he wanted to know if he was wrong for refusing to make meals for her. But instead of judgement from users…he got some medical advice. Thousands of commenters asked if she could be pregnant because of her sudden super sensitivity to smells and tastes. BINGO! The OP hadn’t considered this possibility, but in an update, shares that Reddit was right and his girlfriend is indeed pregnant. He writes that they’re “freaked out/super excited” and his girlfriend jokes that they’re “all invited to the baby shower.”