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Sure, horror movies are scary but have you ever had sex? For some people there is nothing in the world more anxiety-producing and nerve-wracking than bumping uglies. If you’re someone that feels nervous about sex, you should know it’s actually quite normal, and a new survey has found most people have similar fears when it comes to getting down.

According to the study, the number one reason people fear having sex is they think their partner will not find them attractive in the nude. Because not even COVID is strong enough to cancel body shaming. And speaking of, fear of catching coronavirus during relations fell just short of the top-10 fears which turn out to be majorly performance-based. In fact, two out of the top three fears involved anxiety of not living up to expectations in the bedroom.

Top List Of Sexual Fears

  1. Your partner will find your naked body unattractive
  2. Your partner won’t have an orgasm or be satisfied
  3. You’re bad at sex
  4. Your partner has an STI
  5. Unintended pregnancy
  6. Ejaculating prematurely
  7. Your body hair will be a turn-off
  8. An embarrassing bodily function will occur during sex
  9. You’re out of practice
  10. Sex is painful

Source: Metro