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One dad got whacked in an especially uncomfortable area when the party popper meant to reveal the sex of his baby on the way blasted smack into his crotch.

Gemma Bayliffe Newby shared the painfully funny footage to YouTube on Monday, where it has since amassed over 26,000 views.

“From start to finish, everything that could go wrong definitely did,” Newby captioned the clip, which began with a candid family moment in the living room.

“What do you think the baby is?” Newby asked, out of view of the camera. Her little girl, cozied up to her dad, excitedly exclaimed “a girl!”

The little girl counted down from three, as her dad struggled to pop a confetti cannon. Newby, meanwhile, was already releasing a bundle of blue balloons.

“How does this work?” the dad wondered, flipping the device around and accidentally popping the blue burst right into his groin.

The parents started laughing as well, and asked the girl what the color meant. She incorrectly surmised that the blue blast meant the baby would be a girl, and her face fell when her dad said the baby was, in fact, a boy.


Watch below (warning: language):