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Photo by SHAHBAZ AKRAM from Pexels

Tired of the bedtime struggle to get your kids to go to sleep? Parents and caregivers know all too well the many excuses little ones come up with when that time of night rolls around. When moms want nothing more than for their children to go to sleep so they can have a little quiet time to themselves, the kids always seem to be incredibly thirsty, have an exciting story to tell, or anything else they can think of to avoid going to bed. So if you feel like you’ve tried every trick you can think of and need a new idea, Kansas State University is here to help.

They’ve created a new on-demand “Sleep Squad” experience to help your child fall asleep at night. They describe it as a family-friendly “interactive virtual theater experience” for ages 4 to 12. Using music and kid-driven comedy, they turn your home into a rocket ship to “launch kids into their dreams.”

The video is 45-minutes long and then there’s an additional 15 minutes of soothing music to fall asleep to at the end. Of course, nothing is free and the Sleep Squad costs $35 for two weeks of access to the on-demand video, or you can upgrade to get the “Official Dreamtime Kit” which comes with a dream journal, sleep mask and a star projector and that’s $50. And the video is set up so parents can stop it at 15-minute intervals, in case you’re lucky enough to get your kid to sleep that fast.