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engagement ring

So normally I’m not into big public marriage proposals … but ya’ll know I’m a sucker for birds!

When it comes to proposals, the perfect one depends on the person being asked. Some women may love their partner putting “Will you marry me” on the jumbotron (I’m not on of them), but others would prefer something without thousands of people watching. It all comes down to knowing what your S.O. would like and one guy in Australia just nailed it when he popped the question.

Jesse took his bird-loving girlfriend Erin to see a bird show at the Australian Zoo and did some coordinating with the bird handler first to pull off the perfect proposal. The handler introduced the audience to Euli, a red-tailed black cockatoo, then asked for a volunteer. Erin stood up, waving her arms and was delighted when she was chosen. The handler asked her to pull out a $5 bill and hold it up, then Euli flew over, took the bill from her hand and flew back.

Then the handler said Euli was bringing Erin her “receipt” and asked her to read the piece of paper. In the meantime, Jesse got down on one knee, pulled out the engagement ring and by the time Erin read the proposal on the paper, she realized what was really going on. He popped the question with help from the bird and she said “yes” as the crowd cheered for the happy couple.