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Online dating bios have always been a ripe territory for weird flexes, but this year’s newest trend may be the most medical of all time. Move over having dogs in your profile pics and declaring your pronouns…the hottest trend in dating profiles is bragging about getting the COVID vaccine.

The biggest dating platforms all say they’ve been seeing an increase in users referring to vaccinations in their profiles. Bumble reports “a steady increase in the number of people who have included the word ‘vaccine’ or ‘vaccinated'” on their profiles since they started getting rolled out across the country. Tinder got more specific and said they’ve seen a 238% increase in vaccine mentions in bios since November.

But to be fair, while these numbers include people that have gotten the shot, and even some that have gone as far as to include the date of their last dosage, these numbers also include people just jumping on the trend. For example, this means lines like “when I get that second dose it’s over for y’all” and “if you believe in the 5-second rule…don’t worry about what’s in the vaccine” also got roped into the numbers.

OkCupid has now built vaccination into their matching process and asks users “will you get the Covid-19 vaccine?” So far they’ve found 72% of singles said they’d take the vaccine, 16% are “still deciding,” and 9% are currently opposed to getting it. So far only 3% of their users say they’ve already taken it.

Source: Vice