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This may come as a shock but… the Internet is filled with a lot of weird crap.More specifically, the web is chock full of a lot of things for sale that are both puzzling and concerning at the same time. Here are some of the weirdest things for sale currently all guaranteed to make you ask yourself ‘who is even buying this stuff?’

  • Carousell. Singapore has its own online marketplace called Carousell and it’s been overrun with trolls. They just had to remove listings for the country’s airport, haunted dolls, and even one page offering to sell their prime minister. You can check out @sell.singapore on Instagram to see all the glorious offerings including one budding entrepreneur selling the entire Milky Way.
  • Boyfriend pillows. Why continue to struggle on Tinder when you can just drop some cash and get the creepiest pillow on the Internet? The “Boyfriend Pillow” looks and feels like half a man’s torso, includes six-pack abs, and even offers music playback. You’d swipe right on a guy offering that right?
  • Fecal Matters. If you’re looking for a belated Christmas gift, consider getting a loved one some “friendship turd.” They’re not real, but they are a steal on eBay for just $1.50. These little bundles of joy will keep them thinking about your friendship all year long. Are you in the market for more of a frenemy? The internet does of course offer a way to sell real poop to people as well. One website will let you stay completely anonymous and even let you choose what animal the poo comes from. Thanks. I hate it!

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Source: Vice