Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Kiss 95.1

Turn "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" into a game by holding a holiday dance-off. Play dance freeze. Turn on the music and get groovin', then shut it off without warning and shout, "freeze!" Whoever stops moving last is out.

A Secret Santa in Idaho is giving away more than half a million dollars this holiday season with help from the East Idaho News team. The latest lucky recipient is a mom battling breast cancer and her husband. Shanna and Brandon Wheeler have 10 kids, eight of them are adopted and have special needs.

Brandon had to quit his job in hotel management to be closer to home so he could help Shanna with the kids and get them all to various doctor appointments. Now he’s working at a gas station nearby late at night to make ends meet. Secret Santa wanted to help, so he surprised the family with a $2-thousand gift card for groceries, a $2-thousand gift card for gas, and another $2-thousand gift card for a furniture store.

Shanna and Brandon are grateful for the generosity and send their heartfelt thanks to Secret Santa for the holiday cheer.

Watch the video here:  East Idaho News