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A couple in Kansas is sharing their recent parenting fail so that others don’t make the same mistake. Chelsea and Matt Hightower have learned the hard way that the Elf on the Shelf and ovens don’t mix after they accidentally baked theirs. In a funny Facebook PSA, the mom of three reminds other parents to “Bake cookies, not elves.”

Chelsea explains that her children each have an Elf on the Shelf and the trio of dolls had spent the previous night in the fridge, so her husband came up with the idea to put them in the oven so they could warm up. So inside the oven they went, along with a note reading, “It’s a lot toastier in here!” Everything was fine until Matt elfed up. He called his wife with the bad news, “I cooked the elves.”

Luckily, she was already out running errands, so she proceeded to spend the next four hours driving around to three Targets, two Michael’s stores and a Barnes and Noble to find replacement elves. But she found the replacements and the couple was able to convince their kids that the elves went to the “elfspital” at the North Pole and were as good as new. The parents have kept a sense of humor about it and her now-viral Facebook post of the elf-cooking incident has given us something to giggle at, too.