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With the holidays fast approaching, ugly sweater are popping up everywhere. But are they sexy? According to…yes! The matchmaker site asked its users about the festive apparel and found out that Ugly sweaters are a turn on because of what they say about the wearer.

The poll showed that 96-percent believe ugly sweaters are a great ice breaker. Not participating in ugly sweater opportunities, though, is seen by 78-percent as being a trait of someone closed minded.

Here are some other stats that may make you add an ugly sweater photo to your dating profile:

  • 52% think wearing one shows you have a great sense of humor
  • That humor is important since 70% say that’s the most attractive quality in a partner
  • 44% think wearing an ugly sweater shows you’re open to meeting new people
  • 42% who normally won’t make the first move, would if their match was in an ugly sweater

You can read the full article here!