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There are variations of Hot Buttered Rum, but a standard recipe is made up of hot water, butter, rum, sweetener and spices. It is a disgusting mess that leaves a weird film on your tongue because you're literally drinking melted butter. If you want to get a buzz, just drink some spiced rum on the rocks.

The holiday season is all about eating, drinking and being merry – but what if you’re not about the alcohol? You don’t have to booze up or go to SantaCon to be festive, there are options out there for the sober holiday celebrator.

Not just for drinking’s sake, either, there are non-alcoholic beverages perfect for upping your holiday ‘Gram game. Here they are:

  • Welch’s Sparkling Red Grape Juice. This seems a little obvious, but it works. Welch’s is the OG of non-alcoholic holiday drinks, and they also offer mocktails like Sparkling Mimosa or Sparling Rosé.
  • Reed’s Extra Ginger Beer. Here’s a good beer replacement – whether you’re craving it, or you want to save face celebrating with the boys. Extra ginger beer shouldn’t bee confused with ginger ale, it’s got way more bubble and spice – perfect for the holidays!
  • Holiday Kombucha. Of course, there’s some naturally-occurring alcohol in Kombucha… but it’s so little, it doesn’t really count. If you’re looking for something alcohol-ish that’s also festive, Health-Ade has rolled out a holiday kombucha line with flavors like ginger, vanilla, allspice and chocolate.
  • Non-alcoholic rosé. Yes, it exists. There are multiple versions of this going around right now, so check your local store. Most use a de-alcoholization process to remove the alcohol from the wine, so you get all that bubbly without the drunk!

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