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A new survey is here to tell us something most women already know – moms are taking on most of the household burdens while dads have more time to chill. The poll from Zulily finds that 88% of moms feel their role in the family is that of the “giver” and as such, 68% of mothers say they only take one to five hours of “me time” a week.

But dads? They’re cool with taking more time to themselves, 37% of them take six to 10 hours a week and just 26% report taking less. And when it comes to the holidays, most moms are carrying most of the workload there, too. The poll finds 87% of moms say they do most of the shopping, but 46% of dads say they do, and it’s not surprising that only 1% of moms agree with that. And with everything on their plates, 70% of moms feel they don’t get enough credit for all the work that goes into the holidays.

But even when we do get some free time, lots of women feel guilty for taking it. That may be because 90% of those surveyed feel pressure to be a “super” mom, while only 52% of parents say that pressure exists for dads as well. But somehow, only 42% of moms see themselves as “super” while 56% of fathers believe they’re “super” dads. Because of course they do.