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People suffer from all sorts of phobias. Thanks to the coronavirus, a lot of people have developed a new fear and it’s one that’s hard to escape. The Psych News Daily reports the top phobia of 2020 is “anthropophobia,” the fear of other people.

Here are the most Googled phobias.

  • Over the past 10 months, anthropophobia made up 22% of all nationwide searches, five times more than last year.
  • It was the top searched fear in 11 states.
  • Another coronavirus-related fear that was popular was “fear of being alone,” the most searched phobia in three states – Indiana, Minnesota, and Missouri
  • Florida saw the most searches for germophobia, while those in California saw an increase in searches for nomophobia, fear of having no cellphone/fear of social media.
  • In New York the most searches were for “philophobia,” the fear of falling in love or intimacy, while New Jersey was most fearful of the dark.
  • Click here to see what fear topped your state.

Source: Your Socal Security