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Offices are reopening and while some workers are pumped to get back to that frozen meal they left in the fridge months ago, many are hoping to stay home. If you’re thinking about telling your boss you want to keep the work-from-home life going, your best bet is to go into the conversation prepared. Here are some tips to nail it.

Identify Your “Why.” Sit down and really think about why you want to keep working from your home office. If the answer is simply you feel better now, that’s not a bad reason. Chief people officer Laura Hamillsays, “quality of life is a real and legitimate why.” Everyone’s reason for wanting to stay home is different; your boss will just need to hear something better than “I hate pants.”

Share How It’s Mutually Beneficial. It’s great that remote work has improved your life, but if it isn’t helping your team as well, you might be out of luck. Make sure you know how to make the situation seem like a win/win for your manager. For example, something like ‘now that I am not commuting I have increased my productivity tenfold, and I am burning fewer work hours trying to calm down from road rage.” Well maybe leave out that last part!

Have A Plan. Let’s say everything works out, and your boss agrees, their first question is going to be “how will this work?” If you don’t have a plan ready for them, it might sink the deal. Hamill recommends “identifying metrics that you could use to measure how it’s going” and making sure whatever you come up with “doesn’t feel too scary for your manager.”