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HOLY SH*T! This is a doozy!

Lots of married couples decide to call it quits, but it usually doesn’t happen the day after their wedding. But that’s what happened to one woman who’s sharing her story on TikTok and it involves her new mother-in-law making her husband dump her 24 hours after they tied the knot. That’s bad enough, but this tale only gets worse from there!

Holding up one hand, TikTok user Jillian_Diana spilled the details: “Put down a finger if you had the most beautiful, amazing beach wedding on a private island in Mexico,” she begins. “But 24 hours after, your mother-in-law held an ‘intervention’ for your husband, because she said it was unfair how much attention he was giving to you and that he should be given to her instead.” The jilted bride goes on to say her MIL told her son to choose between them, slapped her across the face, called her a b***h, and said she hates her. Then her brand-new husband took off his ring and dumped her right there. When she flew home, everyone had to quarantine, but her in-laws banned her hubby from coming to their apartment, which he then kicked her out of. And apparently…in the said apartment…he was having sleepovers WITH HIS SISTER IN THE SAME BED. He also told her she’d have to wait to get divorced because he was moving to South Africa for three years. That’s because, in British Columbia where they live, you can’t get an annulment unless both parties have been living in BC for a year.

Ummm, my mouth is STILL hanging open! See the whole video below.

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Jillian (@jillian_diana) has created a short video on TikTok with music original sound. | true story. #fyp #foryoupage #putyourfingerdown #HurtMyFeelings #SongOfTheSummer