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We are all missing social interaction, so over the weekend, I decided to invite Roy and his fiance’ over for a small little outdoor happy hour.

Since we haven’t seen ANYONE outside of our family for MONTHS, we were excited to have people over and went above and beyond what we would have “normally” done. Our aupair Elena and I pulled out all the outdoor plates and decor, made a charcuterie board, bruschetta, peach burrata appetizers, and cucumber lemon waters.

We drank wine and enjoyed each other’s company while telling stories and laughing all afternoon. That is until my son Cashton hijacked the guys and made them follow him into his playroom where he promptly kicked my husband and I out. I guess we weren’t part of the club.

Dallas and I, of course, handle things a little differently. I busted right into the room demanding that I be included and Dallas tried to grease the bouncer.