Coronavirus Information Report

Photo by Matheus Viana from Pexels

They say a good man (or woman) is hard to find, and now during this pandemic with so many degrees of separation between you and any potential prospects, where exactly do we start looking? You guessed it! Like everything else, the party is moving to the cyber world. Dating apps like Bumble are lapping milestones, experiencing a drastic spike in user traffic. Tinder recently saw the most swipes in a single day ever. Recognizing this trend, the dating app world began incorporating new features like video chat and updating messaging features. And it’s not just singles…there has also been a spike in the number of swingers coming out of the woodwork. Threesomes are back ya’ll! Threesome dating apps have seen more action than ever before. Despite the current state of the world, people are still seeking companionship. We are still craving contact. It’s human nature. So how can we love without fear in this post contact climate?

Well…let’s talk about the pros of cyber dating during the pandemic. If you’ve ever tried meeting anyone online, you know it can make you cringe! Shallow even. But to the surprise of many dating app users, while in quarantine, they are experiencing more meaningful conversations than before. People are being more open and honest and the usual anxieties about sex and money seem to be dissolving. We’re taking it slower: a meaningful conversation over coffee via Zoom. Because were in quarantine, we have time to really get to know someone before meeting up or becoming intimate. When the time comes for romance, there are plenty of creative and sexy ways to take it to the next level from a safe distance.

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