Coronavirus Information Report

Some people are feeling that this Covid-19 vaccine mandate is encroaching and invading their life. Most non-vaccinated folks want the bigger picture and more information about the ingredients. Since the first rollout of vaccines is going to require booster after booster, when will it end? Several nurses in North Carolina are quitting because of the mandate. The vaccine intensity is getting even hotter around the country because they want our kids to be vaccinated. Have you heard of pizza parties for school-age children can attend if they’re vaccinated? These types of events may end up separating kids instead of uniting them.

Many people have lost or quit their jobs due to the Covid-19 vaccine mandate. Are you one of those employees? According to AP News, New York has more than 300,000 city employees, and roughly 9,000 resisting the vaccine who are on leave of absence. Will the mayor of New York water down his mandate to accommodate these workers?



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