The Charlotte-Mecklenburg chapter of the NAACP is calling on CMS to do more to protect students from COVID-19. The civil rights organization is also asking CMS to help them deal with the other impacts of the pandemic. The group spoke this morning outside Harding High School. One thing they are demanding is a program to address the mental and emotional issues caused by the pandemic and lockdowns. The NAACP expressed concerns over how bringing students and staff back to large in-person groups after spending so much time apart. They also want behavioral issues that could be contributed to COVID-19 addressed.

Members of the NAACP also feel that CMS’s safety protocols are not enough. Masks are required for all staff and students indoors and on busses. Positive cases must quarantine and remain out of school for 10 days.

Last week it was revealed the extend of the impact that COVID and virtual learning had on CMS students:

  • Graduation rates dropped to 83.6%
  • Approximately 65,000 students failed at least one class

Do you think that the calls from the NAACP will cause CMS to make changes?


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