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CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA - FEBRUARY 17: Rapper J. Cole performs during halftime of the 68th NBA All-Star Game on February 17, 2019 in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Photo by Jeff Hahne/Getty Images)

I saw a NBA player throw a little bit of shade on Twitter the other day tweeting about a rapper coming to the NBA so I had to do a little bit more research. What did I find? J Cole might be trying out for the NBA!

The Detroit Pistons then tweeted @JColeNC telling him to try out!

When you connect the dots it actually makes sense! Master P recently revealed that J Cole might be training for the NBA, after he asked the older rapper what he would need to make the switch from music to sports. Don’t forget, Master P did the same exact thing and signed 2 separate NBA contracts back in the ’90s.

On top of that…J Cole’s new Puma video…

Will it happen!? We’ll see! Crazier things have happened in 2020.