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Coronavirus Information Report

Over the last few months, we have partnered with many Atrium Health hospitals all over North Carolina for Feed The Front Line Fridays where we team up with a local restaurant and bring food over to feed the Front Line at different hospitals. We just wanted to show our appreciation for them in any way we could, so we came up with food. Because let’s be real, who doesn’t love free food? But it makes us even more proud when they’re turning around and putting good right back into the community.

In the upcoming months, Atrium Health plans to donate MILLIONS of masks to the people of Mecklenburg County to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Currently, North Carolina is under a mask mandate, and citizens are required to wear a mask indoors, and when social distancing isn’t an option. These masks will help!


  • free drive-thru mask distribution at David W. Phillips Activity Center & Weddington Road Bark Park from 1 pm-3 pm


  • masks handed out at James L. Dorton Park and the Hartsell Parks and Recreation Center from 1 pm-3 pm
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