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It’s an on-air conversation we’ve had time and time again. North Carolina vs. South Carolina. Sometimes it’s the roads we talk about, other times it’s the drivers. Which state has the worst drivers? Every time we ask our listeners to call in about this on The MRL Morning Show, it honestly is about split in half every single time. Plus, our “research method” to discover the answer isn’t the most scientific but now there is an actual study out!

In its fourth annual study, SmartAsset analyzed metrics including DUI arrests per 1,000 drivers, fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles driven, and the percentage of insured drivers to find the states with the worst drivers.

Both North Carolina & South Carolina ranked Top 25 in SmartAsset’s research.

Who ranked higher?

South Carolina! By a landslide…wow! So there you have it. According to research, South Carolina has worse drivers than North Carolina!

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Source: SmartAsset

Graphic Source: SmartAsset