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Just a little over a week left in June, which means you’re running out of time to step up your ally-game for Pride Month. Sure, you could wear a rainbow flag pin, or attend a virtual parade, but if you really want to show your support for the LGBTQ community, you should also be working on becoming the most informed, year-round advocate you can be. Here’s some small ways you can be a better ally.

  • Mind How Much Conversation Space You Take Up. It’s wonderful that you’re smashing trolls online, and speaking out offline, but pay attention to how much space you take up in these conversations. Let other people get a chance to speak as well. This goes tenfold at Pride events. These celebrations can be some of the only safe spaces LGTBQ members have to celebrate. Let them shine!
  • Stop Assuming People’s Preferences. Try to retrain your brain from automatically thinking the folks you meet are “straight” by default. There are still many people out there not living out loud, and by keeping an open mind, you’ll make it easier for them to ask for help if they’re looking for support.
  • Listen. Do not make the mistake of thinking you know your friend’s whole experience because you’ve been there for part of it. If they want to talk about things, sit back, listen, and let them know you hear them. And that goes for when an LGTBQ member corrects or criticizes you. Being willing to learn and change are huge for allies.


Check out many other small ways you can work on being a better Pride Month ally HERE.


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