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Feel like you’re taking on more household chores and childcare while working from home than your partner is? New research confirms that working moms are getting the short end of the stick with those duties during the coronavirus crisis. I know that’s right!

A study of 35-hundred opposite-sex couples with kids looked at the way mothers and fathers have been splitting these responsibilities in May and finds a big difference between them when it comes to paid work, childcare and housework.

According to the study, moms are spending around 10.3-hours a day looking after the kids, 2.3-hours more than dads. And one of the biggest advantages fathers have? More uninterrupted work time. Dads who work from home have an average of 5.1-hours of time to work without being bothered, while mothers who are also working from home are only getting 2.6-hours a day.

Those working moms are also being interrupted 57% more during their paid work hours than fathers. And get this – the study finds that nearly half (47%) of moms’ paid work hours are split between work and other distractions, compared to only 30% of men’s paid work hours. But one of the most frustrating findings from this research? That working moms are 47% more likely than working dads to have permanently lost their job or quit.