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NEW YORK - May 14: Signage at the CBS Presentation of Survivor Panama Exile Island Finale/Reunion Show on May 14, 2006 in New York City. (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

Oh man! I so need to do this!! The Quinn family has come up with a new way to keep themselves entertained during quarantine. Inspired by their favorite show, “Survivor,” they hold tribal council-style votes after dinner to see who gets stuck with doing the dishes. And whoever cooked the meal has immunity during the vote.

Caroline, one of the four kids in the family, says they’ve been watching the show for as long as she can remember and they joke about going on it and winning. In a tribal council vote, siblings Alice and Charles tied and following “Survivor” rules, they had to do the show’s typical tie-breaker: a fire-making challenge. After an hour of trying to ignite flames in the fireplace, Alice’s hand cramped and brother William took over and he made fire first.

A video Caroline posted on TikTok of the event’s highlights has gone viral, with 1.7-million views! She says the family is surprised by the attention their video has gotten and that it feels good to bring some joy to the Internet. “I felt really validated and excited that other people found it entertaining,” she explains. “I didn’t expect it.”

Check out their  TikTok video.