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20 week check

One husband took to social media to brag about how he motivated his seven-months pregnant wife to work out, but he didn’t get the reaction he was probably expecting.

The hubby, tweeted, “My wife, who is almost 7 mos. pregnant, wasn’t in the mood to work out this morning. So, rather than lecture to her, resent her, or whine about it, I threw on the exercise video and did it with her. Our kids saw us and joined in,” adding, “No one talks about this part of marriage/dating.”

Hughes sure seemed pretty proud of himself for pushing his wife into exercising, but he got pushback from people who wondered why he would “resent her” for skipping her workout, and his response was just as infuriating…

“I didn’t think I would need to explain this, but resentment in marriages/relationships is extraordinarily common, whether wrong or right,” he shared. “People resent their spouses making more than them. I’ve heard of wives being resentful of their partners being ill or seriously injured…” He added, “Men cheat on their partners daily for all sorts of reasons. As do women. The point was that rather than harbor some negative emotion or be passive-aggressive, I decided to support my wife in this instance by doing the work with her.”

Okay, so basically people read that he would resent his pregnant wife for not feeling up to working out, and while he tried to deny it, folks on social media were having none of it. That definitely didn’t go the way he thought it was going to!