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Remember how great it felt to see your artwork up on your fridge at home? Couldn’t you use that little boost to your ego right about now? Making some art right now could give your fridge the makeover it deserves and your mental health the spike it needs.

About 10 years ago I started painting to relax and unwind. My girlfriend Laura got me hooked on it after a “sip and strokes” class in Miami and let’s be honest we could all use a little relaxation right now while we are stuck at home. I may try to pull this little “talent” out again and you should too! Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a perfectionist to enjoy this activity. Just add a little alcohol.

Psychologist Dr. Gregory Nawalanic says “nearly any creative activity can become therapeutic.” Painting, music, writing, whatever you’re into works. Also, it doesn’t matter your skill level. Even if you’re not Picasso and you kind of Pa-blow at drawing, you’re still getting the same mental health benefits.

Art sends “calming signals throughout the brain and body.” And studies show art can do more than that. It’s been shown to improve wellbeing, feelings of self-worth, relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression, lower stress, and reduce loneliness. Basically, all the negative things you’re feeling in quarantine, art can help.

Here is some of my old work to help get you inspired.