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On the left is the regular Mountain dew, on the right is Mountain Dew Zero. Can you tell the difference in color?

We all know about Coke Zero. Mountain Dew is dipping their toe in the zero sugar beverage game. I decided to conduct a blind taste test for Mountain Dew Zero. Here are my results:

LauRen’s Results:

LauRen was able to sniff out the zero sugar Mountain Dew. She said the smell of the zero sugar Mountain Dew was lighter. Immediately following the taste test, she immediately picked out the zero sugar Mountain Dew, and claimed it had a lemonade taste on the front end.

Intern Trevor’s Results:

Interestingly enough, Trevor jeopardized the entire study. Trevor accidentally grabbed two zero sugar Mountain Dews and claimed they tasted like regular Mountain Dew. Once we corrected and got him a blind cup of each drink, he was able to identify correctly which one was the Mountain Dew Zero.

Maney’s Results:

The experiment didn’t last more than 5 seconds with Maney. He immediately could tell the taste of the Mountain Dew Zero Sugar. Maney claims that the beverage has similar consistency of Coke Zero

Roy’s Results:

This part will surprise you. When I drank directly from the bottle, and was able to tell which one was Mountain Dew Zero Sugar and which one was Mountain Dew, I was not able to tell the difference in taste. The zero sugar tasted exactly like Mountain Dew. However, when they gave me the blind beverage, I was then able to tell the difference and clearly point out Mountain Dew Zero. I like to think that when you are “blinded” the other senses, like tastebuds, are more enhanced which would explain these results.


If you’re trying to curb your sugar intake, and don’t mind artificial sugar, then this is a great alternative. It’s not as BAD as it could be. It taste a little better than Diet Mountain Dew. Maybe that will be our next taste study. Dt. Mountain Dew vs Mountain Dew Zero Sugar? Hmm.


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