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Call your Vegan friend! We’ve got great news.

If you know a Vegan or if you have been trying to cut back on your meat consumption – this app could help! Going out to eat can be difficult if you are trying to stay on a Vegan diet, but with a little bit of money incentive…maybe not anymore!

The app Pay-A-Vegan has launched in China and intends on paying users who order plant-based meals when going out! Essentially all you need to do is upload your restaurant receipt and if the app finds a vegan menu item then you get paid $1!

I know what you’re probably thinking…just a dollar? Well. Dollars add up! If you go out to eat 100x a year, that’s a random $100 just sitting on your app that you can save or spend towards something! All for going Vegan!

There’s currently no word on when the app will hit the states, but we hope it’s soon! I’m ready to make some money.

Read more about the app here!

PS…That’s a vegan burger! From the ATL based food truck Slutty Vegan.