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A wedding is probably the most expensive party most people will ever throw, but not everything is worth the splurge. All the details for the special day can add up fast, but wedding-industry experts say these are some of the things you may want to skip and save on for your nuptials.

  • Personalized party favors will probably be left behind at the reception – These can be a waste of a couple’s money and effort because most guests forget to take them home. You’re better off giving something edible, like a box of sweets, as a token of appreciation.
  • Multi-part invitations or fancy envelopes may not be worth the money – The envelope is the first thing that gets tossed, so put your money towards the invite itself with a thicker card-stock or embossing, since that’s the part people hang on the fridge until your wedding day.
  • Photo booths can be fun, but they’re pricey – They make a fun addition to a reception, but they’re not a necessity and your photographer can capture candid moments, too.
  • Printed programs aren’t always necessary – This can be an expensive extra that will just end up in the trash.
  • A champagne toast can put a huge dent in your budget – Serving bubbly to every guest can get pricey, so if you’re not a fan, skip it and let guests toast with whatever beverage they have.
  • Trendy dessert stations can be more expensive than wedding cakes – Thinking of skipping the classic wedding cake for a variety of treats and sweets? Prepare for sticker shock because serving lots of different individual sweets for a crowd is not cheap.

Source: Insider