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LauRen and I were in the studio talking about how we hate clearing out our phones. Just for fun, I asked her how many photos she had. I have 19,000 photos and she has 20,000! I’m not sure why I feel the need to keep everything on my phone. It may be pure laziness. I have no desire to go through all 19,000 photos and delete the unnecessary ones. I’m also certain that 70% of the photos are just duplicates because I typically take 7 photos at a time to pick the best one.

I started combing through the internet to see if I was alone with photo hoarding. A new survey showed 52% of people have never deleted any files, apps, or anything else from any of their devices. Also, a third said they have files on their phones or other devices that are ten or more years old.

For some reason, 41% actively avoid deleting pictures and videos from their devices.

The top excuse given for keeping old files is the feeling that they’d need them in the future. Others included considering their old stuff cherished memories and they’d feel too guilty about deleting their old files.

Source: Study Finds