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This video is adorable and going viral. As soon as I saw it, I saw my future.

In the video, a little boy helps his little brother escape and break out of his crib. Not only was Cashton out of his crib by 13 months old but it is totally his personality to want an accomplice for mischief. I love that old saying “Boys are easier than girls, but they are harder to keep alive”.

I know all too well how true that saying is with one boy. There are times I will catch Cash climbing a table just to jump off and into someone’s arms who is walking by. The kid knows no fear, so I can only imagine two of them!

I am officially outnumbered and probably over my head here, huh?

Boy Helps Brother out of Crib

Occurred on December 6, 2019 / Leicestershire, UK "I went into the boys bedroom in the morning as normal to get them ready for the day and when I walked in, I found Arthur (22months) out of his cot and playing with Flynn (4years).