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Sometimes couples like to spice things up in the bedroom by trying something new and exciting and that’s where the need for a safe word comes in. According to She Knows, it’s a word that both partners agree means stop and it needs to be something they can easily remember in the heat of the moment. A safeword lets them relax and have fun, knowing they can end the action anytime they want by saying that word.

A safeword can be anything and these surprising choices used by real people prove it:

  • “Beetlejuice” – It’s a favorite of one female Redditor and you don’t have to say it three times.
  • Foliage” – Hey, it was good enough for Jan and Michael on “The Office.”
  • Justin Bieber” – “We wanted something guaranteed to stop anyone from having a good time,” one Redditor explains.
  • Mango” – It’s lighthearted and easy to remember.
  • Pause” – The user of these safe words likes it because it’s “boring and to the point.”
  • Pineapple” – People like fruit words because they’re “unexpected and effective since you’re not likely to use them in the bedroom.”
  • Red” – The traffic light system – green for keep going, yellow for slow down, and red for stop – works for one Redditor.
  • Safeword” – The person who uses this safe word calls it “boring but effective since it’s crystal clear.”

The best one came from a caller who said her safe word is “Meat Loaf”… Because she’ll do anything but she won’t do that!