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Santa is so much more than a man who delivers toys. He also delivers swift justice. A video of a motorcycle-driving Santa in hot pursuit of a hit-and-run driver on the streets of Paris is making the rounds. Santa’s helmet cam caught the whole thing.

He’s at a stoplight when he sees a car knock over a pedestrian, and then takes off. He tries to stop the car by pulling in front of it, but the driver scoots away and the chase is on.

At this point it plays out just like a movie: He weaves in and out of congested traffic, squeezes between cars, and comes within inches of getting hit. He even loses sight of the “villain” a couple of times but never lets up.

Things escalate when he pulls up behind some motorcycle cops and tells them the story. They join the chase and arrest the hit-and-run driver when their car gets stuck in a massive traffic jam.

Clearly, not all heroes wear capes! Some wear red festive hats and have reindeer as pets!

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