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As a new homeowner, I am constantly dealing with the issue of having too much trash. I can’t seem to figure out the recycling trash pickup either. Now with the Holidays here, I am doing the majority of my shopping online which unfortunately means I have a ton of boxes to get rid of. I came across this amazing article which tells you how to make less trash!

  • Use social media for good – Didn’t get your Christmas cards out this year? No problem. Cut down on waste by sending a holiday greeting on Facebook instead. Which I should have done this because instead I created drama by selecting only a few people who get Christmas cards which ultimately made people jealous.
  • Trade in your paper goods – Swap your paper towels for cloth napkins and hand towels you’ll be able to use for years to come.
  • Try reusable forms of gift wrap – Here’s a scary statistic: 80% of the extra five-million tons of waste that Americans generate during the holidays is caused by shopping bags and wrapping paper. Avoid contributing to that by using a scarf or cool tea towel, or even repurposed paper grocery bags to wrap with.
  • Create an edible centerpiece – Instead of plastic figurines or seasonal candles that will just end up in the closet or basement after the holidays, try an edible centerpiece made with bright citrus, pomegranates, and nuts that are pretty and can be eaten or composted when you’re done with it.
  • Recycle your Christmas tree – Lots of us drag our tree to the curb after Christmas, but you could turn it into compost or mulch instead. Some cities even offer mulching services where residents can trade in their old tree for free mulch.

Source: Bob