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James Corden in CATS

From time to time, as members of the “media”, we get to screen some movies in advanced. This week I was lucky enough to catch Universal’s new movie adaptation of the Broadway show CATS. As a former theatre major (this was just one of my many major changes in college), I really appreciated the original stage version of this play so I was excited to see how it would be interpreted on the big screen. Although I loved it I am not sure that everyone will.

This movie made me incredibly sad and excited at the same time. As I was enjoying the beautiful dancing, incredible costumes, and the star-studded cameos I realized that not everyone was “feeling it” and even some of the viewers were getting up to leave.

If you really want to prepare yourself for what you are walking into, the plot is loosely based on Jellicle cats going to a ball in which each cat will perform to see who will win a new life (as if 9 lives isn’t enough). Now, I will say the point of this play (and movie) is less about the storyline and more about the spectacle of visual pleasure.
Rebel Wilson and James Corden are hilarious, Idris Elba and Taylor Swift are satisfyingly evil, and Jennifer Hudson’s encore of her performance during “Memories” was magnetic. Also on a side note, if you missed it, during media interviews, Jason Derulo told a laugh out loud story about the directors EGI-ing out his huge bulge because the Catsuits were so tight. (Good for you man!)
Although I would have liked the end to be filmed a little differently, overall I really liked it. However, I feel like you really have to appreciate theatre to enjoy this movie. For the Masses, I give it a C+. Check out the trailer below and some photos from the movie premiere.